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Indian Poultry Industry:- Challenges, Problems and Opportunities


Poultry is quite possibly the most significant and quickest developing area of farming areas today in Indium. The poultry area significantly keeps up with the necessities of protein and nourishment. India today is perhaps the biggest producer of eggs and oven meat. The poultry business in India has persevered through a model change in design and activity during the most recent twenty years and altered into a super industry with the presence of a colossal number of laborers from a simple in reverse poultry cultivating that gives off an impression of being exceptionally quick.

At the point when we see the total outline, the creation of yields has been developing at a pace of 1.5-2% per annum through the creation of eggs and ovens has been developing at a pace of 8-10% per annum. India is the world’s third-biggest egg maker and sixth-biggest maker of grills. The Indian poultry market, including grills and eggs, was worth INR 1,750 Billion out of 2018 and was worth INR 2049 Billion out of 2019. The market is additionally projected to arrive at INR 4,340 Billion by 2024, developing at a CAGR of 16.2% during 2019-2024.

Growth drivers for the Indian poultry industry: 

The commercialization of the Indian poultry industry throughout the most recent many years has involved sizeable interests in poultry reproducing, bringing forth, raising, and handling. Indian ranchers have moved from raising non-descript birds to raising recently evolved mixtures like shaver, Babcock, hyaline which guarantee more quick development, great bearableness, magnificent FCR, and high benefits.

Different elements that are answerable for the quick development of the poultry area are drives of private endeavors, fewer government intercessions, and entirely extensive native poultry hereditary qualities capacities and backing from the corresponding veterinary wellbeing, poultry feed, poultry hardware, and poultry handling areas. Aside from this, India is one of only a handful of exceptional nations on the planet that has instituted a supported Specific

● Expanding middle class
● Per capita consumption and income
● Urbanization
● Young and growing population
● Creating awareness regarding processed meat and protein intake.
● Food security to be moved to nutritional security.

Problems associated with the poultry industry: There are some threatening agents to the poultry sector

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1. A significant difference in the industry across various regions of India: – more than 60% of broilers are produced in these 5 states of India (Andhra Pradesh with 20%, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, and West Bengal) while more than 60% of eggs are produced in these 5 states of India (Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu). This creates logistic and quality issues related to transport.

2. Competition from the international market: On opening up duty-free imports, lifting of trade barriers, etc.

3. Disease outbreaks: Fowlpox, Fowl cholera, Avian influenza, E.coli infections, etc.

4. Feed ingredients and other logistics cost: Small-scale producers are facing problems like high feed and transport costs, expensive vaccine costs, veterinary care services, and the non-availability of credit. It has been noticed that due to high capital investments some farmers have been switched from layer production to broiler production as output in broiler units can be fetched in six weeks.

5. Antibiotic misuse in poultry farms: It is leading to multi-drug resistance properties in bacteria (because of unsafe disposal of poultry litter).

6. Lack of insufficient biosecurity standards taken by poultry keepers.

7. Presence of Salmonella spp. and Cholesterol in poultry meat.

8. Noticeable price fluctuations.


1. Manoeuvrability in broiler prices- Management of broiler meat production during lean seasons when consumption of the product is cut down by the consumers. e.g., Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri festival, etc or when consumption is increased by the consumers e.g., Ramzan, Eid, etc

2. Maneuverability in the price of feed ingredients such as maize and soya- As maize and soya together comprise of 90% of the total feed ingredients.

Suggestions- popularization of production of hybrid maize and soya products. Introducing GM crops produced at a lower cost of production for higher yield.

3. The dependency of poultry producers on live bird sale over-processed or frozen poultry meat.

Suggestions- Spreading awareness in customers regarding the consumption of processed meat as all the developed nations have already switched to processed meat and the present world trend is ready- to eat. Government regulatory policies can also make a difference.

4. Availability of trained workers- There are very few numbers of trained professionals available to the poultry sector.

Suggestions- All veterinary institutes and diploma colleges to be suggested to start various courses on poultry production, feed technology, hatchery management, entrepreneurship, etc. Efficient recruitments and a fair pay scale to be offered so that youth develop more interest in making a career in the poultry sector.

5. Government food safety norms: Demand for food safety is high on both government and consumer.

Suggestions- active action plans to be conducted to defend and build trust among consumers regarding the usage of antibiotics and other hearsay. Collaboration by the government is the need of the hour.


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There are some measures to promote poultry industry growth in India-

● The poultry industry in India is constantly growing due to the use of modern technology and switching from live birds to fresh chilled and frozen poultry product markets.

● A novel aisle started with the integrated poultry operations over the country.

● Policies that ensure supplies of competitively priced corn and soybeans.

● An increase in per capita consumption of 1 egg or 50 gm poultry meat will generate an estimated 25,000 additional jobs that will create employment opportunities for youth.

● Now the latest trend in the poultry sector is to produce designer eggs. These are organic eggs rich in omega 3 fatty acids and with lower levels of saturated fats and cholesterol.


The present nation is a market with an investment-friendly environment. The Indian poultry industry is booming and emerging as the world’s 2nd largest market. The growth rate is growing at the phenomenal rate of 12-15% every year. Poultry meat is accepted by everyone as there is no religious taboo associated with consumption and it is not as expensive as other nutritional sources are. Hence, the poultry industry is not only providing a cheap source of dietary protein to the consumers but employment opportunities also.

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